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Donate: Healthcare & Legal Fees For West Papuan Activist Victor Yeimo – PRP Australia



We are concerned community based in Australia and New Zealand, standing in solidarity with West Papua. We call for our friends to support Victor Yeimo, international spokesperson for West Papua National Committee and Papuan People’s Petition.

Twice in early August, Victor Yeimo pleaded for help from the district court judges. He said he was very sick, that he had lost at least 10 kilograms, but had been denied adequate medical treatment, and his isolation in prison, amounts to torture.

“Help! Help me! I need to be treated now because I am very sick, especially at night.”Victor Yeimo pleading to the judges during his political trial on 26th August, 2021.

Many in West Papua and beyond admire his leadership, courage and charisma in non-violence and self-determination struggle of West Papua. 

The Government of Indonesia’s covert Nemangkawi Task Force arrested Mr Yeimo in Papua, Jayapura, on Sunday, 09 May, 2021, without a warrant.

After falsely accusing him of committing treason and inciting violence during the 2019 West Papua Uprising, imprisoning him for speaking out against racism, putting him in solitary confinement for 3 months, limiting access to lawyers and family, they are now denying him proper medical treatment of his deteriorating health condition.

Don’t let another freedom fighter die in a cell at the hands of the Indonesian colonial system.

We are extremely concerned about Victor Yeimo’s wellbeing. We aim to raise $5000 to cover towards medical, food, and legal costs, as well as his families’ and lawyers logistical needs and constraints during this long legal process.

All over West Papua and the world people are calling for his release, join the call!

Sam Klintworth, National Director of Amnesty International Australia, said in support of Victor:

“Peacefully protesting against racial discrimination should never be punished. Victor’s health is deteriorating as he languishes in detention, and he is forced to take on a legal battle to defend his right to freedom. Amnesty will continue to defend Victor’s rights, and I encourage everyone to do what they can to help free Victor.”

Mary Lawlo UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders (Twitter, 10 Aug):

I am hearing disturbing reports that Human Rights Defender from #WestPapua, Victor Yeimo, is suffering from deteriorating health in prison. I’m concerned because his pre-existing health conditions put him at grave risk of #COVID19.”

West Papuan Pastor Dora Balubun:

Victor Yeimo’s condition is critical, and the prosecutor’s office has not allowed him to be treated at the hospital. For the sake of humanity, please save him immediately.”

Zuzan Griapon, Papuan People’s Petition secretariat office:

Victor Yeimo symbolises the Papuan people in maintaining our collective resilience and positive energy. Please show our solidarity, help Victor Yeimo, help West Papua!

We can’t let Victor pay the price for his self-determination advocacy in West Papua. Your donation will be used to cover him speaking out against racism. Any excess funds will go towards helping other political prisoners.


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