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25 jan 2020


Inloop 12:30
13:00 - 16:30



Nieuwjaarsreceptie – Free West Papua Campaign

Graag bedanken wij u voor uw steun in het afgelopen jaar. Wij nodigen u daarom graag uit op zaterdag 25 januari 2020 van 12.30 – 16:30 uur. U bent van harte uitgenodigd.

De nieuwjaarsreceptie is een mooie gelegenheid om samen terug te kijken op het afgelopen jaar, en vooruit te blikken op 2020. We starten de nieuwjaarsreceptie met de Nederlandse premiere van ‘WANTOKS: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia’ (documentaire). Tevens zullen Oridek Ap van de ULMWP EU Missie en de Free West Papua Campaign u informeren over de laatste ontwikkelingen en de huidige situatie in West-Papoea. Met om 14:30 een nieuwjaarsborrel.

De nieuwjaarsreceptie is voor iedereen vrij toegankelijk.


We would like to thank you for your support in the past year. We would therefore like to invite you on Saturday 25 January 2020 from 12.30 – 16:30.

The New Year’s reception is a great opportunity to look back together on the past year and to look ahead to 2020. We will start the New Year’s reception with the Dutch premiere of “WANTOKS: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia” (documentary). Speakers from the ULMWP EU Mission and the Free West Papua Campaign will also inform you about the latest developments and the current situation in West Papua. With a New Year’s drink at the end.

The New Year’s reception is freely accessible to everyone.

‘WANTOKS: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia’- (Official Trailer)


In 2018, the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific, hosted the Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival, celebrating the country’s fortieth anniversary of independence. On neighboring island states, the struggle for freedom continues, as West Papua resists Indonesian occupation and the residents of New Caledonia still live under French rule. In all Melanesian countries, residents face the common challenge of climate change, as rising sea levels threaten to swallow both land and tradition. In this charged context, captivating performers are using their talents to celebrate local culture and draw international attention to their islands’ plight, with the hope of spurring international solidarity and prompting collective action against the perils of a warming world.

Featuring striking footage from the South Pacific islands, WANTOKS: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia, profiles the artists and activists who are fighting for self-determination while trying to defend their homes against the rising sea.



Het evenement is afgelopen.

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